• Cashier

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    CN-Taishan City
    Seniority Level
    Entry level
    Job Function
    Permanent Full-Time
    Estimated Travel Required
    0 - 10%
  • Role Overview and Responsibilities

    1. 提取现金

    Cash withdrawal


    • 根据资金使用计划,填写现金提现单据,报Accountant/TaishanGeneral Manager审核。

    According to the cash plan, fill in cash withdrawal list, approved by Accountant/Taishan and General Manager.


    • 经审核后,填写支票,盖HR Assistant私章及公章并请General Manager加盖私章、请Accountant/Taishan加盖财务章。

    After approval, fill in the cheque, stamped HR Assistant’s seal and company seal, then stamped General Manager’s seal, stamped financial seal by Accountant/Taishan.


    • 携带支票至银行柜台提取现金。

    Bring the cheque to bank counter to withdraw cash.


    1. 完成现金收付、日常报销等工作:

    Complete cash receipts and payments, daily reimbursements, etc.


    • 填写费用报销单据并附上发票等单据,报Accountant/TaishanGeneral Manager审核。

    Fill in cash withdrawal list, and attached invoice, approved by Accountant/Taishan and General Manager.


    • 经审核后,支付日常报销费用,并请收款人签字。

    After approved, pay the daily expenses, and ask the payee to sign.


    1. 完成网银汇款工作(按规定,每周一次):

    Complete the online banking remittance (once a week)


    • 根据各部门付款申请且LT已审批的清单,做纸质《付款申请表》并附上相应的发票、采购订单、合同等原件给Accountant/TaishanGeneral Manager复核。

    According to the payment application of each department and the list approved by General Manager. Build papery <payment application>, attached invoice/PO/contract to approved by Accountant/Taishan and General Manager.


    • 根据各部门付款申请且LT已审批的清单,做电子《付款申请明细表》并上传相应的发票、采购订单、合同等扫描件Accountant/Hong Kong
    • 审批。

    According to the payment application of each department and the list approved by General Manager. Build electronic <payment application>, attached invoice/PO/contract to approved by Accountant/Hong Kong.




    • 操作网银,根据通过审批的付款明细,逐条填写付款,并通知Accountant/Hong Kong做最终付款确认。

    Operate online banking. According to the payment list of approved, fill in the content to applicate the payment. Inform Accountant/Hong Kong to make the final payment confirmation.


    1. 完成每月工资的发放工作,填制工资条,与各位员工确认无误。

    Pay salary every month, issue salary slip, and confirm with staffs.



    After approved by General Manager, go to the bank for the payment of salary.


    1. 登记现金银行日记账,保证日清月结。打印付款单及银行月结单。

    Fill in TPI petty cash spreadsheet and TPI bank book. Ensure statement correctly. Print the payment list and bank statement.


    1. 盘点每月支票、现金,保证账实相符,并制定《支票、现金盘点表》,


    Take inventory of monthly cheque/cash, and make sure they are correctly. Issue <cheque/cash counting table>. Keeping cheque and cash on hand to ensure their safety and integrity.


    1. 编制《现金银行余额调节表》,根据自然月与周期的差别

    According to the difference between natural month and cycle, issue the <cash bank balance adjustment table>.


    1. 完成外汇核销,在“国家外汇管理局网上服务平台”申报。

    Complete the foreign exchange, declare in “http://asone.safesvc.gov.cn/asone/”


    1. 负责每月速递费及搬运费的明细分类并发送。

    Sort and send the detail of courier fee and removal fee.


    • 保管供应商及客户的银行账号等信息,保管银行相关资料。

    Keep the bank account number of the supplier and customer, and keep the bank information.


    1. 取回房租、水电等发票,交于Accountant/Taishan

    Bring the invoice of rent, water, electricity etc. to Accountant/Taishan.


    • 补充工作内容

    Supplementary work content

    1. 整理、装订会计凭证。

    Sort and bind accounting vouchers.


    • 粘贴凭证附件,按顺序排列,并装订。

    Paste the attachment of the certificate, arrange it in order, and bind it.


    • 填写凭证封面,标记凭证信息。

    Fill in the cover of the voucher and mark the voucher information.


    • 将装订好的凭证,交于Accountant/Taishan复核并盖章。

    Give the binded voucher to Accountant/Taishan to approve and seal.


    1. 购买、核销并开具中国税务发票。

    Purchasecancel after verification and issue VAT invoice.


    • 购买税务发票:携带身份证、发票领购本、发票章前往税务局,排队购买核销税务发票。

    Purchase tax invoice: carry ID card, invoice purchase book, invoice seal to the tax bureau, line up to buy the tax invoice.


    • 核销税务发票:携带已经开完的发票副本、发票领购本,前往税务局,排队核销税务发票。

      Verification and cancellation of tax invoices: take copies of completed invoices, receipt and purchase of invoices, go to the tax bureau, line up to cancel tax invoices.


    • 开具税务发票:登录开票软件,按照销售清单开具发票,并通知Accountant/Taishan审核。

    Issue tax invoice: log in to invoice software, issue the invoice according to the sales list, and notify Accountant/Taishan to audit.


    1. 接受Accountant/Taishan关于财务软件的培训,并完成费用会计的工作。

    Training about financial software by Accountant/Taishan and complete the work of expense accounting.


    • TT的要求,培训一位财务软件后备者(需要有财务基础)。

    Request by TT, training a financial software backup (Basic knowledge of finance is required)


    • 录入费用报销类的会计凭证,并交于Accountant/Taishan审核。

     Accounting voucher for entry into expense reimbursement category, send to Accountant/Taishan to approved.


    1. 完成上级交办的其他临时性工作。

    Complete other temporary work assigned by superior.




    Qualifications, Skills and Attributes

    Basic knowledge of finance is required


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